Legal Advice & Grassroots Advocacy

The Legal Clinic at Reichman University 

Through a joint and innovative program with the Harry Radzyner Law Schol, at the Reichman University (formerly IDC Herzliya), AKIM has been educating and preparing the next generation of lawyers in Israel to protect and defend the rights of persons with disabilities.

First Clinic dedicated to rights of persons with intellectual disabilities

The Clinic, the first of its kind fully dedicated to the rights of persons with intellectual disabilities in Israel, offers students the opportunity to:

• Assist AKIM’s attorneys in providing persons with intellectual disability and their families with detailed information and counseling.

• Guide persons with intellectual disabilities and their families on a variety of issues, such as special education provisions, National Insurance Institute benefits, guardianship petitions, and others

• Draft and promote legal measures, including written applications to government bodies, to realize rights.

Supporting persons with disabilities and families

Law students attend lectures led by AKIM’s legal team of instructors. With guidance, they learn to respond to real life cases of individuals and families and provide legal orientation to persons with intellectual disabilities about their rights.

Law students also work together and provide specific counseling to persons with intellectual disabilities living in AKIM’s housing frameworks, via weekly meetings, providing them information about their rights and fostering self-advocacy. Students participating in this clinic experience the opportunity to influence and improve the quality of life of persons with disabilities and their families.

The Clinic serves as an important vehicle with which to influence the future legal community. Students participating in the program are guided by the AKIM legal team, comprised of recognized attorneys and professionals with broad practical and research experience in the field.

Legal Advice & Grassroots Advocacy

AKIM’s advocacy on behalf of people with IDD is led by a legal department widely regarded for its unparalleled professionalism. Specializing in the fields of disability legislation and the rights of people with disabilities, our team combines legal experience and passion with community activism and compassion. They are shaping the world to meet the needs of all people and actively advocating for the realization of rights.