Privacy Policy

he text below applies equally to each gender, and is worded in the masculine gender for convenience only***

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1. Dear user! AKIM Israel, the National Organization for People with Intellectual Disabilities and their Families (hereinafter “AKIM“) respects your privacy, the privacy of all users (hereinafter “the User” and/or “the Users“) of the website (hereinafter the “Platform”) operated by AKIM, and those who use the services provided on the Platform (hereinafter “the Services“).
2. The purpose of the conditions described in this Privacy Policy, which is an integral part of the Terms of Use of the Website, is to elaborate on the information collected about you as a result of the use of the Services and how AKIM uses the information provided and collected during the use of Services. Please note that different rules may apply for specific services and/or applications, and they may be published from time to time with specific policies regarding the corresponding use of information.
3. AKIM may change its Privacy Policy and Terms of Use from time to time, jointly or separately, to reflect technological, business, legal, or regulatory changes. Updates concerning this Privacy Policy will be published in this document and the updated version will be published on the Platform. The use of the Platform is subject to the up-to-date Privacy Policy and to your express consent to it. Therefore we recommend reviewing the Privacy Policy terms from time to time.
4. All definitions and terms in this Privacy Policy shall have the meaning outlined in the Terms of Use unless the context otherwise requires.

What information is collected on the platform?

5. Use of the Platform, including browsing it and the use of services provided by AKIM, requires the provision of personal information about users.
6. When donating you will be asked to enter the following information: first name, last name, e-mail address, telephone, invoice address, (if you are a registered user, these details or some of them will already exist); ID number, and payment details.
7. When you contact AKIM via feedback form, phone, or email, the information regarding the contact will be collected, including the content provided in the contact and response.
8. When using the platform additional technical information will also be collected: browser type, details about the end device, IP address, browsing data, location data, use habits of the platform, including browsing and consumption. This information will be collected through cookies, as detailed in section 4 below.
9. All of the above is part of the information collected. You are not obliged to provide these details by law, and their provision depends solely on your free will and consent. However, please note that without providing certain details (for example, entering payment details, we will not be able to provide some or all of the Services.
10. All the information provided and/or collected about you will be stored in AKIM’s registered databases and held by the organization and/or anyone on its behalf, including through “cloud” services, in Israel and/or abroad.
11. Information to be provided and/or updated on the website must be true, reliable, and accurate, and it should be made by yourself and under your name, and not on behalf of and/or for third parties, except if you have been authorized to do so, explicitly and in writing.

Purposes and manner of use of information

12. The information we collect is used for AKIM’s services provision and use of the Platform and may be used to personalize your browsing experience, for offers and benefits. We also collect information to improve the services and streamline and manage AKIM’s relationship with you, for the maintenance and improvement of the platform, the content displayed on it, the development of additional AKIM services and products, fraud prevention, operation, security, fraud detection and/or any other illegal activity. The information will also be used for marketing purposes (including targeted and user-tailored marketing), direct mailing, statistics, conducting statistical studies, and even providing statistical information that will not identify you personally to third parties, including advertisers.
13. ID number collection is done solely for payment verification purposes and is immediately deleted from AKIM’s databases.
14. Without derogating the aforementioned and subject to the provision of contact details, AKIM may send from time to time by e-mail, text messages, chats and/or other means of communication, marketing and advertising information, offers of benefits, and more, subject to obtaining the User’s consent. The User shall be entitled to revoke his consent at any time and cease receiving such information by contacting us following what is specified at the end of this Policy, or through removal, following instructions to be provided by email.


15. The Platform uses digital identifiers, cookies, and alike (such as cookies pixels, tags beacons, sdk’s (hereinafter collectively “Cookies“), for its proper operation, for security purposes, and to collect statistical data about the use of the Platform, to make decisions regarding you and/or your activity, to verify details and identification, prevent fraud, improve your browsing experience and use of services on the Platform, while adapting the content and services to your personal preferences, tailor advertisements and content relevant to you.
16. Cookies, in general and in essence are text files that the user’s browser creates according to a command from AKIM’s computers. Some cookies will expire when you close the relevant browser or application, and others are stored on your device’s or computer’s memory. The cookies contain and collect a variety of information such as the pages you visited, the length of time you spent on the platform, your IP address, the characteristics of your device. Cookies may also store information about your browsing habits on other websites, including the sites you browsed, the pages, and any other action on them. The information in the cookies is encrypted and the organization takes precautions to ensure that only Akim’s computers or anyone acting on its behalf can read and understand the information stored in them.
17. Cookies may be on third parties – for example, Google cookies such as those embedded using Google Analytics and/or using Facebook company tools.
18. For more information on the use of cookies by third parties you can check their addresses and if you wish to remove yourself from using these or similar tools, you can contact one of the following addresses:
19. You can also change your browser settings to block the use of cookies. In this case, some or all services may not function properly (for example, automatic detection, usage preferences, or language, for example, may not be saved). Changing your browser settings is at your own risk.

Disclosure of information to third parties

20. AKIM may transfer information about you to third parties from time to time as detailed below, or in any other case in which the transfer is required:
a) At the user’s request, including to resolve disputes, and/or with his explicit consent;
b) When required to operate the Services, such as shipping companies, clearing companies, cloud service providers, etc.;
c) As part of its activity vis-à-vis business-related companies for the purposes of use above, for providing services, streamlining, and creating new services;
d) In case you violate the terms of this Privacy Policy or the Terms of Use, and/or if you perform or attempt to perform by yourself and/or through anyone on your behalf, through the Services and/or in connection with them, actions contrary to this Privacy Policy or to the provisions of the Terms of Use, including violation of the provisions of any law;
e) For legal purposes, such as providing to the authority due to a legal provision, due to a legal obligation or a judicial order instructing the organization to provide the information to third parties, for conducting a legal proceeding or dispute, etc.;
f) In any case where AKIM believes that providing the information is needed to prevent serious damage to the organization, to a person, to the property and/or to the body of the User and/or third parties, or to prevent other serious damage at its sole discretion;
g) In the event that AKIM transfers, sells and/or assign to a third party its activities, rights and obligations towards the User, in whole or in part, including in case of a change in control of the organization, provided that the third party accepts the terms of this Privacy Policy.
21. AKIM may provide statistical information to third parties, including advertisers, subject to the terms of this Privacy Policy, and the provisions of any law. In any case, statistical information provided to third parties will not identify the User personally.

Information Security

22. AKIM uses security and protection tools, as customary and required, to protect the confidentiality of data provided by users, and takes acceptable precautions using appropriate security technologies. You are aware that AKIM makes use of resources and takes measures to prevent intrusion and prevent possible infringement of the user’s privacy, but the organization cannot completely prevent such infringement or other disruptions.
23. While browsing the AKIM website advertisements and/or various links to external websites and/or applications may appear. Clicking on the links will be at your own risk
and discretion, as you will exit AKIM website, being directed to an external site and/or application, and thus, subject to their own terms of use and privacy policies. From that stage on AKIM will have no control over your information, and therefore will not bear any responsibility in this regard.
24. The site is secured according to the PCI DSS standard; Credit card details are neither recorded on the platform nor stored by the organization.

Privacy Contact Us

25. According to the Protection of Privacy Law, 5741-1981, you or anyone acting on your behalf may review information concerning you, stored in AKIM’s databases, and even ask the organization to correct them if the information is incorrect, incomplete, or inaccurate, or even request its deletion for any reason, without derogating from the organization’s legal obligation to retain certain information. To do so, you are welcome to contact us in writing by email and we will do our best to respond you within a reasonable time.