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Education & Employment

Going to work and feeling part of a significant daily activity is an important element of every person’s life; even more so, when the person has intellectual disability.


Studying music together – in harmony.

MusEquality, is a distinctive two-year Musical Education Training Program, proudly offered by AKIM in partnership with Bar Ilan University. The program enables people with intellectual disabilities and a passion for music, access to academic studies towards earning a diploma like every other student.

Following AKIM’s mission to promote integration and inclusion, students with and without disabilities study and perform together. It’s not just about being on campus – it’s about being included in all that university life has to offer. With guided support, the program nurtures students to reach their fullest potential, ultimately earning a degree as well as gaining skills for future employment.

Each academic year, a select group of applicants are accepted. A specialized curriculum acts as a bridge between students’ need for support with their desire to find inclusion and belonging amongst their peers. The program features a diverse curriculum including vocal training, choir, studio recording, drumming and rhythm, instrument instruction, history, guided listening, librarianship, and enrichment courses. In addition to the comprehensive curriculum, our students receive social training to navigate various social and academic interactions.

The program reinforces self-esteem and belonging, while simultaneously preparing students for fulfilling employment in a variety of musical fields. Employment guidance enables our graduates to find work in: live production, radio, television, libraries and more. MusEquality is a partnership between AKIM, Bar-Ilan University and the Ministry of Welfare and Social Services.

Equal in Education

Learning, working, and growing together.

AKIM’s innovative Equal in Education program, actualizes the goal of teaching and training people with intellectual disabilities to work as assistants in the field of early childhood education. In collaboration with Levinsky Academic Center and the Ministry of Welfare and Social Services., students of the program are educated and trained for meaningful careers in the early education system, which is experiencing a significant shortage of quality staff.

The program is a win-win, allowing for equal opportunity and inclusion in higher education, offering a career path, while at the same time, filling a critical need within the Israeli school system for trained educational staff. The program provides students with a customized curriculum, tailored to their needs and abilities, which is supported by social workers and Levinsky professors.

Students study together in integrated classrooms, further fostering AKIM’s vision of a fully inclusive society in every area of life – including education. Inclusion in early education works to alter the hearts and minds of future generations through positive experiences and relationships with individuals with intellectual disabilities. Israeli youth benefit from the important opportunity to see graduates as influential and respected members of their communities.

Free Market Employment

Finding real work, that really works.

Employment is vital to our daily lives. It creates a consistent routine, self confidence and important feelings of usefulness, capability and independence. Routine has special significance for a person with an intellectual disability, providing an opportunity for personal growth, community integration and the immense pride that comes from working at a job you’re good at.

At AKIM, we believe in promoting employment opportunities that enable every person to fulfill their potential through occupations that amplify their aptitudes and abilities, and enable flexibility for changes in physical and cognitive conditions.

Help people with disabilities find meaningful and supportive work by working with AKIM.

Snapshot of Success

Learning, working, and growing together.

AKIM actively locates and educates employers for partnerships across the country. By promoting the program, its values, and its employees, AKIM spares no effort in successfully integrating people with disabilities into businesses and organizations all over Israel:

26 employees working at Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv in various departments including medical (sterilization), reception, medical records and data administration, and office assistance.

Four workers in meaningful positions at a bakery in Holon, owned by famous Israeli chefs.

Group of four working as waiters and customer support staff at a café in the Schneider Children’s Medical Center.

Graduates are working in fulfilling employment at Bank Leumi in Bat Yam on administrative tasks; SuperPharm in Rishon LeZion and Max Stock chain stores in Ramat Gan, as well as at hotels from Jerusalem to Ashkelon in a variety of departments.

Vocational Training Program in the North

Karmei Gil in Northern Israel is an innovative center for employment training for both Jews and Arabs, providing them new skills and techniques aimed at supporting their right to enter the free job market as skilled and capable employees.

The Center serves over 100 people with intellectual and developmental disabilities through skills training, occupational escort and job placement. Karmei Gil participants learn and grow by producing beautiful ceramics, wood work and glass creations which are marketed and sold, whose benefits are then reinvested in the program

Upon completion of a training and employment period at the center, trainees go on to work independently in the free market, receiving professional guidance through AKIM’s Supported Employment program, which provides for a permanent escort and ongoing support during their employment. With continued guidance and training each individual is able to reach their maximum potential and live their fullest and most independent life in Israel. Through working opportunities, AKIM is working for inclusion.

Industrial Rehabilitation Model​

AKIM operates four therapeutic employment centers throughout Israel to provide occupational rehabilitation designed for people with IDD in moderate to low condition. The centers serve 163 people, providing meaningful occupational, cognitive and physical care. Activities include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, art workshops, music classes and more. 

These activities are tailored specifically for each participant according to their individual abilities and needs with an aim of maintaining and advancing their natural strengths and capabilities.

Our Programs & Services

Through our programs and services, and a person-centered approach, we directly enrich, influence, and enhance the lives of Israelis with intellectual disabilities and their families in communities across Israel.