Our Mission:

To make the Israeli society a better place for people with intellectual disabilities and their families: a respecting, warm and accepting society that facilitates self-realization, in acknowledgment of difference and in commitment to equal opportunities.

AKIM Israel is the Israeli national organization for people with intellectual disabilities and their families, operating as a person-centered organization. Founded in 1951, AKIM Israel acts to realize the rights, promote a better quality of life, and improve the welfare of some 35,000 people with intellectual disabilities and approximately 140,000 family members and legal guardians. We operate in 65 branches and 88 municipalities nationwide, managed by parents and volunteers in the Jewish and Arab sectors.

AKIM Israel strives for the “inclusion” of people with intellectual disabilities in their communities in all aspects of life. We offer legal advocacy through parental and self-advocacy leadership.

They Made It!

Some of our success stories of integrating people with IDD in the community

תמונה לתעסוקה
Bibi - Armi

As I started my role as Akim’s chairman, I found myself entering a living space with an inner language that believes in the ability of humans and society to change. This language seeks to put the person at the center and produce a supportive and inclusive system around him, advocating and motivating for maximum integration.