Youth Apartment

The Minister of Welfare, Itzik Shmuli, first visited Akim’s youth apartment in Ashdod

“I see a home here in the full sense of the word. Family. You enter the place and feel the warmth, the love.”This is what the Minister of Welfare, Itzik Shmuli, said with excitement during a special visit to Akim’s youth apartment in Ashdod in October. The Minister came together with his office staff to be impressed by how the residents of the house, children and young people aged 11-21 and the professional staff, deal with the Coronavirus and learn a little about life at home and integration in the community. During the meeting, the CEO of Akim, Sigal Peretz Yahalomi, told the Minister that today there are people in Israel who can’t live in apartments in the community due to their nursing situation. We asked the Minister to formulate regulations to enable all people with disabilities to live in their community. Sigal also raised the importance of strengthening the status of the supporters. These are two issues that Akim has been promoting even more in recent years. The Minister replied that he sees great importance in promoting the inclusion of all people with disabilities in the community in all areas of their lives and will work on the issue.We thank the Minister for the exciting visit and his willingness to help include people with intellectual disabilities in Israeli society.