Total Makeover

The makeover has been completed at Akim Ir Shemesh Hostel in Tel Aviv

Congratulations to the residents of Akim Ir Shemesh Hostel in North Tel Aviv, who returned home after a large-scale renovation and redesign of the hostel. The hostel has undergone a massive renovation and upgrade and has been adapted to the needs of the 11 people who live in it. Many thanks to those involved in the craft, Ariel Tene, Director of the Akim Israel Development and Construction Division, Sagit Shamai Cohen, Purchasing Manager, who managed the project, the Community Housing service personnel, Tyrant Jano, Tel Aviv Area Manager, and Orit Zuckerman, Director of Resources and Partnerships, who helped raise funds for the renovation. We want to thank our partners in Keren Shalem (Shalem foundation) for the generous assistance and, of course, to the dear people who live in the hostel and needed to move to another house during the renovation period. Thank you for the patience and tolerance you showed. We have no doubt it is worth it. Your smiles in the picture say it all.