"Who doesn't have a child like this don't know what he's missing”

Roy Ginat Photo

When Irit, Roi Ginat’s mother, came to the playroom at Tel Hashomer Hospital more than 21 years ago and took the toy organ for her son, she didn’t know how much the toy would change his life.

Roy, who was less than two years old, was operated on to have a cancerous tumor removed from his head and left with extensive neurological injury. He has blindness, cerebral palsy, and autism. But his performance at the organ at his young age amazed everybody, revealing that he was endowed with absolute soundness and a rare ability to absorb music. No one stays indifferent to the sounds that allow him to play and sing just about anything. Since then, at 23, although not independent – he has been conquering the music world in his own way as he is invited to play the piano alongside leading artists in the country. He went on stage with Shlomo Gronich, “Hope 6,” “Doll House,” Idan Raichel, and the list goes on. “Roy is the proof that lemon can be turned into lemonade,” Irit says of her son. She says, “He appears in schools across the country and is very inspiring. I do not wish anyone such a child, but anyone who does not have such a child does not know what he is missing. We always say that Gd took his light but gave him a gift – the music. It is an international language, and everywhere it goes in Israel and abroad, it is very gratifying, and breaking barriers and borders. You can’t remain indifferent to that – it’s a language that connects people. “

Currently, Roy is studying in the “Musequality” program that trains students with intellectual disabilities in the music field. The program is being conducted at the Bar Ilan Music Department in collaboration with the AKIM and the Welfare Ministry.

Publishe at Israel Hayom Newspaper – June 18, 2020 By Daniel Rot-Avneri