Justice is published

The investigation into the rape case of a woman in a boarding school will be reopened

Last week, we were privileged to hear the Israeli Supreme Court’s important voice from the President, the Honorable Justice Esther Hayut. The court verdict is the end of a rocky road for a woman with a mental disability that complained that she was raped by one instructor at the residence where she was staying. 
The long time that elapsed from the date of the incident until the filing of the complaint led to the closing of the case. An appeal filed by the woman was denied. The family appealed to the Supreme Court against the decision (through attorney Dr. Amir Kamnitzky). Now, after a conditional order was issued, the prosecution announced that it had resumed the investigation and carry out further investigative actions. Hopefully, the report’s recommendations will be implemented in the near future to prevent the next harm.

In the judgment of November 4, 2020, President Hayut stated: “We cannot conclude without mentioning the well-known importance that those whose voices are not heard will have effective protection from law enforcement.”In the case before us, the family members of the complainant stood to the right with saws, but this cannot always be relied on, and this fact imposes even excessive responsibility on the state.” We welcome the precedent decision and the important words of Judge Hayut. Together with Bizchut organization and the Association of Centers for Assistance to Victims of Sexual Assault, Akim Israel worked hard to make the victim’s voice heard. We are happy to know that her voice reached the attentive ears of the Supreme Court.