Going to work and feeling part of a significant daily activity is an important element of every person’s life; even more so, when the person has intellectual disability.

We at AKIM believe in promoting employment platforms that enable every person to fulfil their potential by working in a job that shows their aptitudes and abilities, and that enables flexibility in light of the person’s changing physical and cognitive condition.

AKIM promotes and operates a wide range of employment frameworks adapted to people with IDD and adapted to their functioning levels and working abilities: from sheltered workshops to guided groups in the Free Market, as well as vocational programs and work in the Free Market.

Inclusion In The Free Labor Market​

AKIM is promoting direct employment of persons with IDD in the free market with the support of AKIM’s professional staff. 256 persons with IDD work in various frameworks as groups or as individuals and get minimum wage or a custom salary.

Among the various frameworks:

-Four people with IDD work in a bakery shop in Holon (suburb of Tel Aviv) owned by famous chefs in Israel. Each one of them is integrated in another department and are an integral part of the production process.

– Another group of four people work in a café at the Schneider Children’s Medical Center of Israel in Petah Tikva (center of the country) as waiters or at the customers’ service.

– In addition, a group of eight people with IDD work in the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center – Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv (one of the two largest hospitals of the country) in various departments: part of them carry out medical jobs (sterilization) and part of them work in the offices.

– One person works in Bank Leumi’s agency in Bat Yam, doing administrative tasks; another one is employed by Superpharm (pharmacies chain) in Rishon Le Zion and another one is working in an office supplies shop from Max Stock chain store in Ramat Gan.

-Last but not least, some people work in hotels all-over the country: one of them in Jerusalem (in the swimming-pool) and another one in Ashkelon (as a waitress and a hostess in the Hotel’s lobby).

AKIM Israel locates employers who are open to the idea across the country, and spares no effort to successfully integrate people with IDD in their business.

AKIM operates ten groups all-over the country among others in the Pharmaceutical Industry, in petting farms or in Magen David Adom (the Israeli equivalent of the Red Cross first aid organization).

Industrial Rehabilitation Model​

The therapeutic employment day center provides occupational rehabilitation designated for people with IDD in moderate to low condition. AKIM operates four day centers: Beit Gil in Karmiel (Northern Israel), Beit Amit in Afula (also in the North), Beit Hashikma in Holon (suburb of Tel Aviv) and one in Even Yehuda (Center of the Country).The day care centers serve 163 people with IDD who enjoy meaningful occupational, cognitive and physical care. Among others, the activities include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, art workshops, music classes and more. These activities are tailored specifically for each participant according to their individual abilities and needs with the aim of maintaining and even advancing their capabilities.

Trainings And Educational Programs​

Karmei Gil is an innovative center for employment skills learning technique in the city of Karmiel (Northern Israel). The center serves around 100 people with IDD from Karmiel and the area, Jews and Arabs.

The center’s objective is to fulfill every person’s potential in order to prepare each one of them to work in the free market.

The center serves mainly as a training, escort and placement framework for people with IDD, so that they will be included in the Israeli society like everybody else. Among others, Karmei Gil produces ceramics, wooden work or glass creations that are sold through a dedicated website. The benefits are then redistributed to the people.

By the end of the training and employment period in the center, people go to work independently in the free market and receive professional guidance through the “supported employment” program which provides assigning and permanent escort for people with IDD in the free market.