AKIM's Vision

To make the Israeli society a better place for people with intellectual disabilities and their families: a respecting, warm and accepting society that facilitates self-realization, in acknowledgment of difference and in commitment to equal opportunities.

Strategic goals

✅ Inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities in the society.
✅ Promoting the rights of personal choice and the right to be heard of people with intellectual disabilities.
✅ Implementing a person-centered approach among all state and government agencies.
✅ Developing and implementing knowledge and services about human-centered approach for people with intellectual disabilities.
✅ Akim Israel serves as a representative body for advocacy and support to people with intellectual disabilities and their families.

About Us

AKIM Israel is the national organization for people with intellectual disabilities and their families, operating as a person oriented organization (PCO), i.e. it represents individuals with intellectual disabilities and their relatives while upholding human rights and freedoms. The organization nowadays represents some 35,000 people with intellectual disabilities, and approximately 140,000 family members and legal guardians.

Since its founding in 1951 the association acted to realize the rights, promote a better quality of living and improve the welfare of people who have intellectual disabilities and their relatives, using legal advocacy and advocacy within the community.

AKIM works towards inclusion of people with IDD in the community empowerment of people for self-advocacy and integration into society. Based on its vision, the association promotes positive attitudes towards the people through AKIM’s headquarters, 65 branches and activity centers deployed in 88 towns and communities in Israel, in both Jewish and Arab sectors, managed by parents and volunteers. 

AKIM Israel provides families with emotional support, legal consultation and information about their rights using the department for realization of rights, Parents for Parents call center and the legal clinic for rights of people with intellectual disabilities in partnership with the Herzelia Inter-Disciplinary Center. Furthermore, AKIM provides families in need with financial support through the AKIM Fund. Alongside its advocacy work, AKIM in partnership with the Welfare Ministry and local authorities operates some 100 frameworks throughout the country that address issues of education, community housing, employment, recreation and culture and military enlistment. Furthermore, AKIM constantly updates and equips the frameworks, in partnership with the Disabled Persons’ Service Development Foundation funded by Social Security, the Shalem Foundation and public donations.

Our Services

AKIM’s array of services covers all aspects of the person’s life, provided in partnership with the Welfare Ministry, the National Insurance Institute of Israel and relevant local authorities:

Community housing

Community housing – including apartments and group homes (group homes are mainly designated as senior and nursing homes) all located within the community.
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Employment – a large variety of employment programs and frameworks for people with intellectual disabilities on all function levels and for people with other disabilities, including: work on the free market, sheltered workshops within workplaces on the free market (industrial rehabilitation), work-therapy centers and nursing daycare facilities.
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Recreation, culture, art and sport

Recreation, culture, art and sport – art, culture, sport and recreational frameworks and activities have been held by AKIM throughout the years and include: recreational clubs in local community centers, sporting activities and healthy lifestyle, trips and events, summer camps for children, vacations and holidays, theater clubs, dance and singing groups and art classes.
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Military service recruitment

Military service recruitment – running a program for the recruitment of individuals with intellectual disabilities to the IDF in the status of soldiers in compulsory military service.
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Building and development

The first accessible playroom was inaugurated in Ashkelon
the first AKIM’s accessible playroom for children with disabilities was inaugurated at the “Lev mall” in the city of Ashkelon. This one of a kind playroom is unique in Israel as it is suitable for children with all types of disabilities.
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