A Hydrotherapeutic Swimming Pool in Dimona

A Hydrotherapeutic Swimming Pool in Dimona

In order to address the intellectually disabled population of the city of Dimona, and to supply a solution for aquatic activities, the municipality together with AKIM ISRAEL, the Shalem Foundation and the Ministry of Welfare would like to establish a hydrotherapeutic swimming pool within the municipal leisure and sports complex. Thus, implementing the concept of "inclusion" by which the intellectually disabled are included in the regular community leisure activities.  The pool will be constructed according to a high professional level which takes into account the concept of inclusion.

There are 218 intellectually disabled adults (over 21) living in Dimona, known to the Ministry of Welfare. 51 out of which live with their parents, 167 live in out of home facilities: 30 in the AKIM hostel, 23 in the Tlalim facility, 52 are students in the Tzabar school (some are residents of the city and some are from the Bedouin villages around). 30 are children attending special education kindergarten. 41 are disabled over 21.

The following personnel will be needed: a professional Director, a secretary, a handyman, guards and cleaning staff, a lifeguard,  a first aid person, hydro therapists and swimming teachers.

Financial support: the municipality, AKIM ISRAEL, the Shalem Foundation.

The nearest hydrotherapeutic pools are in Sha'ar Hanegev and in Aleh Negev which are an hour away by car.

The municipality of Dimona is the owner of the complex.

The total cost of the project is 3,615,774 Nis. Keren Shalem will donate 1,100,000 and Akim will donate 1,100,000.

Needed donation:  1,415,774 Nis.

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