Renovating the Shoham Hostel in Tel Aviv

Renovating the Shoham Hostel in Tel Aviv

The Tel Aviv Akim Branch addresses the intellectually disabled of the Tel Aviv Yaffo region.  The group homes "Shoham" is one of four group homes operating in the city of Tel Aviv including a hostel and two apartments. Together they are a real home for their residents. The residents differ from each other in age, in cognitive level, in autonomy and in character. Yet, they are all generous and charismatic. The hostel comprises 14 mild to moderate intellectually disabled persons, men and women aged 35-65.  The employment and leisure activities' plans are adapted to their abilities, difficulties and desires. Most of them work in a sheltered workshop and some in the free market – in coffee shops, hotels etc., where they are supported and accompanied by a trained professional staff.

In the afternoons they return to the hostel, where a serious effort is being  done to make their lives interesting and challenging. The staff listens to the personal desire of each of the tenants and allows each one to make his own personal choices regarding their leisure time and personal life.

As a part of the leisure activities, the residents participate in the activities of the nearby Community Center, where they play football, work on the agricultural farm, sing in the choir and so on. There is also the possibility of staying home and spending some quality time with the instructor, or painting or cooking or taking a stroll in the neighborhood. The hostel is located in the heart of the prestigious quarter of Tzahala and most neighbors like the residents and even participate with them in community activities.

The residents of the hostel having been living together for many years, and feel as part of a big family. We consider it vital, to let them live together as long as they wish thus giving them a home for life.

Unfortunately, the building is not fit for this. It is a four floors building without an elevator. The bedrooms are on the second floor and in the basement (without large windows). As the residents grow old their needs change and they more physical support is required.

Currently, we are in the process of renovating the building, adapting it to the needs of the residents so that they will be able to stay there as long as possible.

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