Beit Gil

Beit  Gil

In Memory of Gil  Dikstein Z"l


Beit Gil is an open house in the North of Israel, addressing the intellectually disabled of the region of all ages and in various levels of disability. In Beit Gil there is already a sheltered workshop functioning as a protected working place for about 25 persons over 21, a classroom for people with severe intellectual disabilities and physical impairment, counting 10 persons and a group of 15 children who attend the center 5 times a week for diverse leisure activities.

"Beit Gil" aspires to become a home for intellectually disabled adults and their family members, to supply a social framework and to be a leisure activities Center for those who cannot be integrated in the community and participate in its various activities,  and that without this Center, would stay home alone without socializing whatsoever.

In addition to the social activity, a guidance of parents and family members activity takes place in the Center.  Beit Gil, also aspires to become a protective employment framework for those adults who need it, and to accompany those who are able to be integrated into working places in the free market in the area.

The leading concept of the staff is to adapt the framework to the intellectually disabled person - to be attentive to his needs and abilities - rather than to adapt the person to the framework.  In other words, the infrastructure is flexible allowing quick changes and empowering the individual so that his potential will be realized. The aim is to alleviate and diminish the difficulty of dealing with the disability, and to help the individual obtain a higher quality of life.

The supreme goal of the staff is to build the personal, humane, adaptive strengths, to empower the individual, and to improve his functional efficiency in all aspects of life.

The staff is being supported by a group of a hundred volunteers from all sectors of society, retired persons, those who serve in the National Service, students of social work, special education, paramedical professions etc. as well as  parents and members from the community.

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