A Leisure Center within the Dimona Community Center



The AKIM Inclusive Leisure  Center for the Intellectually Disabled  in Dimona

Building Illustration


Name of Organization: AKIM Israel

Location of Organization: Pinchas Rosen 69, Hadar Yosef  69410 Israel

Date Founded: 1951


Mission of Organization:  Akim is the largest and most comprehensive provider of programs and services for the mentally disabled in Israel, with 64 years of experience and a target population of 34,500 mentally disabled individuals and their families.


About Dimona

Dimona is one of the development towns that created in the 1950s under the leadership of Israel's first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion. Dimona itself was conceived in 1953, and settled in 1955, mostly by new immigrants from Northern Africa, who also constructed the city's houses. In Dimona and its vicinity in the Negev There are 120 intellectually disabled adults (over 21. Eighty seven live with their parents while 33 live in the Akim Housing system. There are also  41 persons living in facilities outside the city:  215 In the Tlalim facility, 60 are students in the Tzabar school, 32 live in the city and 28 are from the Bedouin villages.


Project  Background


The construction of an inclusive leisure center for people with intellectual disabilities in Dimona .

This leisure center will constitute a quantum leap with respect to answering the needs of people with disabilities. Both the physical structure and the services it will provide.

The center will serve the target population living in Dimona and other regional councils in the Negev including the Bedouin community

Grant Purpose:  To support construction of an additional floor ( 150 sq"m )at the Community Center Building in Dimona to be used as an inclusive leisure center for people with intellectual disabilities in Dimona



In recent years, AKIM ISRAEL has adopted the inclusive approach that calls for the inclusion of the intellectually disabled in the community. This approach is based on the idea that most services supplied to the intellectually disabled can be an integral part of the services supplied to the general public. The various aspects of life of the intellectually disabled are influenced by this approach, whether it is Living within the community or jobs in the open market or leisure activities. Currently, we try to promote the implementation and construction of leisure clubs as part of the community centers open to the general public.

In order to give a better answer to the needs of the intellectually disabled and their families in  the city of Dimona, Akim Israel,  in cooperation with the municipality of the city of Dimona, the Shalem Foundation, the Ministry of Welfare and the Social Security would like to establish a Leisure Center within the Community Center of Dimona that will be designed and adapted to all users including the disabled, according to the approach of including the intellectually disabled in all levels of life in the society.



The goal of leisure activities is to supply a social, cultural answer to the leisure needs. Therefore, the activity includes classes and workshops in various fields such as photography, art, music, dance, martial arts, health, computers etc. Also,  a social activity such as social education workshops, sexual workshops, Holidays, trips and parties as well as a common activity with the community (hiking, a reading club, volunteering and participating in youth movements' activities.


Building License in process to be requested due in June 2016


Basic Financial evaluation has been prepared


Estimated to be operational December 2017


Size of the new  floor:    150  sq"m.


Area of giving: Young Adult’s s: Disabilities; Health


This grant request is for a: Capital project


Budget information::

Estimated cost of project: US$$560,, 000

Other funds already committed to this project:

Israel Social Security Services: US$180.000

Shalem Foundation: US$180,000


Additional funds Fund requested: US$ 200,000



Partner-Donor opportunities and recognition:


We will be delighted to offer the naming right of the building for a donation of $200.000

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