AKIM Israel serves as guardian for more than 1,500 persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities, regardless of their faith, ethnic background, age or sex:

  • For those have been abandoned, orphaned, or taken out of their parents’ custody.
  • For infants abandoned by their parents after realizing the infant has developmental disabilities,
  • For adults with intellectual disabilities, whose parents are deceased.

In Israel, Guardianship is compulsory by law for people who cannot take care after their own affairs—fully or partially—due to intellectual or developmental disabilities.

Guardianship is being administered by a family court and it covers all physical and financial aspects for the disabled.

These people are housed in different types of accommodation, such as: foster families, sheltered communities, apartments, group homes and other types of institutional homes.

Each person under the auspices of AKIM Israel guardianship gets a weekly visit by an AKIM staff person, or by someone hired especially for this purpose. The role of the visitor is to assure that the intellectually or developmentally disabled person is being well looked after by staff in their residence.

The visitor inspects the person’s physical condition, health, social life, work status (if employed), and leisure time.

As per AKIM Israel instructions, the visitors never come “empty handed”; they always bring a required item, which serves the needs and wishes of the disabled person.

Or“, in the picture below, expressed her desire to have a computer in her sheltered community room.

AKIM Israel, generously purchased and provided the PC shown in the picture.


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