Public & Community Advocacy

The Public and Community Advocacy section leads  AKIM Israel national “Inclusion” vision, by promoting:

  • Public awareness
  • Self-advocacy
  • Self-determination as everyone else and the authority to exert control in their lives
  • Full inclusion and participation, including residential facilities, in the community


By directing the activities of 66 AKIM Israel branches (staffed with volunteers) as well as parents committees, throughout Israel, The Public and Community Advocacy section encourages the creation of regional / community leadership, which functions as a local lobby to improve the life of the intellectually and developmentally disabled persons in their communities.

Besides volunteering and supporting the day to day life of the disabled population in their area, the local branches promote:

  • Building more day-care and accommodation facilities,
  • Improving programs and services levels,
  • Creating public awareness to the special needs of the intellectually and developmentally disabled population.




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