Leisure Activities

Managed by the Culture, Education and Sport department, AKIM Israel provides a variety of leisure activities, for all ages of the developmentally and intellectually disabled population in Israel.


35 Afternoon Leisure Clubs – are being operated by AKIM Israel, daily, throughout Israel, using local municipal facilities. Among them:

  • 11 Clubs – for children and teens between ages of 3-21 years old, as special education school hours “extension”.
  • 24 clubs – for young adults and older challenged population.

Annual “protected” (free of charge) vacation: 1,000 developmentally and intellectually challenged employees (of all work “frames”), as well as people with severe cognitive disabilities are being accommodated by AKIM Israel on an annual “protected” vacation in several resort facilities in Israel. This week time, full of programs and other leisure activities vacation, during the summer time, brings the necessary relief to the challenged population, as well as to their family members.


Summer Camps: 200 children (ages 3-21) enjoying the AKIM Israel Summer Camps every year. AKIM Summer Camp is aimed to serve the families’ needs by full filling the 2 weeks “gap” between the end of summer programs provided by the Israeli Ministry of Education and the beginning of the new school year.

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